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发布时间:2021-09-25 04:11:01

Real Sociedad will challenge Elche in an away game at 00:30 on September 27, Beijing time. Real Sociedad coach Imanor Alguacil attended the pre-match press conference.

皇家社会将在北京时间9月27日00:30在客场挑战Elche。皇家社会的教练伊曼诺·阿尔瓜西尔(Imanor Alguacil)参加了赛前新闻发布会。

Alguacil pointed out that the team's attacker Silva is in good physical condition and is ready to play.


"Elche is a newly promoted team, such a team is always very powerful. We studied their game against Barcelona in the Gamber Cup, but a friendly match can't tell much. This is an unpredictable opponent. But they just came to La Liga, their coaches and players have changed a lot. Our goal is to take all three points. If we perform well, we should be able to do so."


"Isaac has a higher pick. He has shown his abilities in the first two rounds and last season. In addition to William Jose, Isaac and Bautista, in fact, Porto and Oyasa Val is also fully qualified for the position of center."


"Defense helps you keep the tie, but offense can help you win. We did a great defensive against Real Madrid, but the offense must be more patient and precise."


"Thanks to Llorente for everything he has done for the team over the past three years. I promise to bring him the Copa del Rey champion back to Anoeta. Llorente’s departure will not have much impact on the team. I can start from the current situation. Choose the most suitable candidate from the lineup. I can’t tell you the specific content reported to the sports director and the chairman during the meeting. Maybe there will be signings before the transfer window closes, but now no one can say this. Matter. My idea is to give the youth players more playing time."


"Both of them are in very good physical condition. Che Guevara has already got the chance to start the game. Ilya Ramendi and Suberdia are still injured. Even in this case, we all have so much wealth. The reserve of the back midfielder, I feel terrible to think about it. The team’s competition in the midfielder position is too cruel, and I hope that each of them can make progress."

“他们两个身体状况都很好。切·格瓦拉(Che Guevara)已经有机会开始比赛。伊利亚·拉曼迪(Ilya Ramendi)和苏伯迪亚(Suberdia)仍然受伤。即使在这种情况下,我们所有人都有很多财富。我想起来很糟糕。球队在中场yabo亚博网站首页位置的比赛太残酷了,我希望他们每个人都能进步。”

"Sanian and Pacheco are both potential left center defenders. When opportunities come, they need to seize and prove their talents. Some will get the opportunity earlier, some will get the ball later. The team has experienced defensive players who can provide them with a lot of help. In addition, Alan Bari and Urco Gonzalez have the opportunity to show themselves."

“萨尼安和帕切科都是潜在的左中卫。当机会来临时,他们需要抓住并证明自己的才华。有些人会更早yabo亚博网站首页获得机会,有些人会更晚获得球权。球队拥有经验丰富的防守球员,可以为他们提供训练有素的防守者。很多帮助。此外,艾伦·巴里(Alan Bari)和Urco Gonzalez都有机会展示自己。”

"Melkrans is back, but his body is not up to the requirements of the game. Silva, Willem Jose, Gianuzai, Merino and Monreal have all trained with us. For several days, this is good news. Silva is now in good physical condition and he is ready to play."

“ Melkrans回来了,但是他的身体不符合比赛要求。Silva,Willem Jose,Gianuzai,Merino和Monreal都接受了我们的yabo亚博网站首页训练。好几天来,这是一个好消息。Silva现在身体状况良好他准备比赛了。”

"Until the last second before closing the window, you cannot be sure what will happen. This year's football transfer market is very deserted, not only for Real Sociedad, but also for other teams. Negotiating a deal is very easy. The complexity is not something that I, the chairman and the sports director can decide with a nod, but also need to refer to the other's wishes. In any case, I only care about the players currently in the lineup."


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