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In the early morning of April 7, the former Luneng coach Antich died of pancreatitis at the age of 71. Antić managed Luneng for only one season. In that year, Luneng won the league runner-up, which was also the team's best league result since 2010. But because of his coaching style and other reasons, he failed to stay on the team. After Antiche left, Luneng went through many trials and hardships, and never reached the height of the league runner-up. The year that Luneng coached was the epitome of Antiche's coaching career.


At the end of 2012, Antiche became the head coach of Luneng. According to media reports, Luneng also had contact with Cooper, Stevenson and other coaches at the time. Antichy was only an alternative plan. The main reason for the club's failure to negotiate with the target coach was that he was able to enter Luneng. However, from the current perspective, Antichy's relationship with Luneng was an inevitable result at that time. From Antić’s point of view, after leading Serbia to the World Cup in South Africa, he has been at home and has no idea of ​​quitting football. The advice of his old friend Milu strengthened his determination to come to China; from the perspective of Luneng Said that Antiche was the best coach for the team at the time.


On the one hand, Antić’s coaching experience is quite excellent. He is the only one who has coached Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico. In the 90-91 season, Real Madrid was in great trouble. Bernabéu changed three coaches in one season. After Antić took office, he took the team from 10th to 3rd in the league and beat Barcelona in the final round. official. The following season was a strong start with 12 wins and 1 tie. The only draw was when the country's weight was tied by Koeman's controversial penalty kick.


In the 95-96 season, Antić was robbed of Atletico Madrid from Valencia by Old Hill. At that time, Atletico had been damaged by the reform of the stock market, and was reduced from a giant to a relegation team. When Antić took over, the strength of the lineup did not rise but fell. And Antić led disciples such as Santi, Kico, Pantic, Simeone, and other disciples, miraculously won the league and the Copa del Rey "double crown", Antić also became the longest coaching time under the old Hill. Head coach.

在95-96赛季,安蒂奇(Oldć)被瓦伦西亚(Old Hill)从瓦伦西亚(Valencia)抢走了马德里竞技(Atletico Madrid)。当时,马竞受到股票市场改革的破坏,从巨人降级为保级队。当安蒂奇接任后,阵容的力量并没有上升,反而下降了。与安蒂奇带领的徒弟如桑蒂,科科,潘蒂奇,西蒙妮等门徒一样,奇迹般地赢得了联赛冠军,而国王杯则获得了“双冠王”,安蒂奇也成为了老希尔执教时间最长的教练。主教练。

In January 2003, Antiche was invited by Barcelona to take over the chicken feathers left by Van Gaal. Antiche once again used all his best to bring Barcelona, ​​ranked 15th in the league, to sixth, and continued for Barcelona for many years. The incense of European war qualifications. In addition, Antić also coached Zaragoza and Oviedo into La Liga powerhouses, leading Serbia in the world preliminaries to overtake France as the group leader. In a word, no matter how bad the stall is, Antichy can always lead his team to achieve impeccable results, which is very attractive to Luneng who has lost its dominance.


On the other hand, Antichy's management of players is also what Luneng needs. The locker room of a giants team has never been a place of peace of mind. Antichy's success is inseparable from his ability to control the locker room. As long as Antić takes over the team, the results will soon be significantly improved. At that time, Luneng had a bloated first team. Ten Carter promoted a large number of players in the 89-93 age group when coaching, which not only caused the team to fall into relegation, but also caused chaos in the locker room. Antić's entry can not only use his management skills, stabilize the locker room, but also train the young players of the team. Therefore, it is natural and natural for Antić to coach the team.


Even in the world of football, Antić’s resume is quite prominent. Whether as a head coach or a player, he has a brilliant resume and is also the biggest coach in the history of the Luneng team. In order to sign Antichi, the newly appointed head Liu Yu also gave very sincere conditions-in addition to playing style and employing non-interference, he also has the dominant power in signing the team. Of course, this condition is not eye-catching in Europe, but in China, it is already quite rare.


According to Antić’s opinion, Luneng introduced international Yang Xu, national youth captain Jin Jingdao and Romanian national team forward Nicule in early 2013. After taking over the team, Antić quickly took control of the locker room and stabilized the team that had fallen into the quagmire of relegation last season. Cui Peng said in an interview that Antichy is best at adjusting the harmonious atmosphere between athletes and teams so that everyone can form cohesion and combat effectiveness. Han Peng also agreed with this: "Whenever he will mobilize the emotions of players, whether in the locker room or before training, he will create a very cheerful team atmosphere."


Antichy’s debut was also Luneng’s debut at Luneng Stadium, the new home stadium. However, Shanghai East Asia, who came to challenge, did not come to Luneng Wenguo. Zhu Zhengrong and Wu Lei’s goals made Shanghai East Asia build. A 2-goal lead, but Han Peng and Lu Zheng then scored a goal each to help the team equalize the score. 2-2, seems to have set the tone for Luneng's season-good results, but there are many unsatisfactory points.

安蒂希(Antichy)的处子秀也是鲁能(Luneng)在新主场鲁能体育场(Luneng Stadium)的处子秀。但是,来挑战的上海东亚并没有来到鲁能文国。朱正荣和吴磊的目标使上海东亚得以建立。 2球领先,但韩鹏和卢铮随后各进一球,帮助球队扳平了比分。 2-2,似乎已经为鲁能的赛季佳绩定下了基调,但是还有很多令人不满意的地方。

Under Antiqi's account, key players such as Wang Yongpo, Lu Zheng, and Wang Qiang were reused. In addition, Nikole has not been able to integrate into the team's tactical system in the first half. Although the Romanian was introduced by Antić, for the sake of the team's performance, the Luneng coach placed him on the bench and reactivated the native artillery Han Peng. Han Peng also did not live up to the trust of the head coach, as soon as he returned to the main lineup, he successively destroyed the city for the team. The team is united and the results are quite stable. In the first 12 rounds of the league, Luneng has achieved an outstanding record of 9 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, keeping pace with Guangzhou Evergrande.


Stability is the biggest change that Antić has brought after entering the home team. Especially when facing the middle and lower teams, Luneng basically did not lose points that should not be lost. It is based on this that Antić led the team. Won the runner-up in the Chinese Super League, which is the best record Luneng has achieved since winning the championship in 2010.


However, when the team faces a strong team, the record is difficult to satisfy. After 12 rounds, Luneng lost to Beijing Guoan and Jiangsu Sainty, and drew with Guizhou Renhe at home. Only 1 point was scored in the 3 rounds, while Evergrande won all three rounds. The gap between the two sides opened up. This is how the league competition pattern is determined. After that, Luneng encountered Dalian Albin in the Cup and League successively. As a result, he was eliminated by his opponents in the Cup and drew with his opponents in the league. The gap with Evergrande was further widened. The ownership of the league champion was basically lost in suspense.


Although the runner-up's results are quite good, the fans are not very satisfied with Luneng's 2013 season. Dissatisfaction is mainly concentrated in three aspects. One is that the 46-point league points are far from Evergrande. The team has not shown the ability to challenge Evergrande’s hegemony. The team has no record against BIG4 in the 2012 season, especially against Guoan. The record of the two old rivals, Shenhua, is at a comprehensive disadvantage, which is obviously still a huge gap with the past glory of the team.


The second is that the frequency of young players playing under Antiqi's account is quite low. In the 2013 season, only Wang Tong and Jin Jingdao had more chances to play, while Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan, who performed well under Tencart, could only stand on the sidelines. Just 10 years ago, Liu Jindong, Jiao Zhe, Zhou Haibin and other post-80s players became the main players of the team, laying a solid foundation for the future Luneng dynasty. Now Evergrande is strong, so Luneng fans also hope that the team can take the lead in completing 90 After the player's upper position, Antichy did not continue Tenkat's "youth storm". In the eyes of some fans, this is suppressing the growth of young players.


Third, although the team under Antić’s rule is stable, the tactical play is too stable and not very enjoyable. Coupled with media rendering, public opinion has evolved from "tactical backwardness" to "stand-and-play". It became a verbal attack such as "state-owned enterprise disease" and "Grandpa Team". These three points not only made the fans dissatisfied, the club's assessment of Antić also began to change.


Soon, the club also had a disagreement with Antić in concept. Evergrande was able to overthrow the Luneng dynasty. Conca, Muric, Cleo and other midfield attackers played a vital role. After 2011, Luneng was not successful in signing the midfield. So the club turned its eyes to the Brazilian attackers and launched the "Brazilization" strategy, which inevitably contradicted Antić.

很快,俱乐部在概念上也与安蒂奇意见分歧。恒大能够推翻鲁能王朝。孔卡,穆里克,克莱奥等中场进攻者发挥了至关重要的作用。 2011年之后,鲁能未能成功签约中场。因此,俱乐部将目光投向了巴西进攻者,并发起了“巴西化”战略,这不可避免地与安蒂奇相抵触。

Before the opening of the second transfer window, Luneng needs to replace Nikole. Antić wants to recruit his former disciple Jovanovic and make a promise to Jovanovic. But Antich did not expect that at this time he had already lost the dominance in signings. The club did not adopt Antić's suggestion, but introduced Brazilian striker Lowe, and Lowe's height does not meet Antichi's requirements. It can be said that Lowe's introduction is also a publicization of the differences between the club and Antić. After the end of the season, the club did not renew the contract with Antić, and the fate of the two sides ended.


When talking about why he went to China to coach Luneng, Antich said: "They are worried about the team and their expectations of me make me unable to refuse. I want to work with them to do something for a city's football. I I want to dedicate my life's experience to the change of the team." This is the reason why Antichy coached Luneng, and it is also a promise made for Luneng. Although he only coached the team for one season, although he failed to satisfy everyone, it is undeniable that he fulfilled his promise and put the chaotic team back on track, allowing players and fans to regain confidence. Today, Antiche has left us, but his figure in the Super League is still engraved in the hearts of many players and fans. Thank you Antiche, for your contribution to Chinese football, we will always remember it.


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