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October 21, Wednesday


Champions League


00:55 Dynamo Kyiv-Juventus


00:55 Zenit Bruges




03:00 巴塞罗那 - 费伦茨瓦罗斯

03:00 巴塞罗那 - 费伦茨瓦罗斯

03:00 Chelsea-Seville


03:00 Lazio - Dortmund


03:00 Paris Saint-Germain-Manchester United


03:00 Leipzig Istanbul


03:00 Rennes-Krasnodar


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Tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the morning in the Champions League, Chelsea will play against Sevilla at home. This is the first time the two sides have played in the Champions League. Who can make a good start in the Champions League this year, we will wait and see tonight.


The biggest problem for Chelsea is the defensive line. Last round against Southampton was equalized in stoppage time by the opponents. The 3-3 outcome obviously failed to satisfy Chelsea. Although the team's new striker Werner scored 2 goals and showed a gradual adaptation to the team's state, the hidden worries of the defense line obviously have a greater impact on the team.

切尔西最大的问题是防守线。上轮对阵南安普敦的比赛中,对手的停球时间相等。 3-3的结果显然无法满足切尔西。尽管球队的新前锋沃纳(Werner)进了2个球,并且逐渐适应了球队的状态,但防守线的隐忧显然对球队产生了更大的影响。

The biggest problem with Chelsea’s defense is Kepa. The good news is that the new aid Edward Mendy has recovered from his injury and is expected to return in this game. He played on behalf of Chelsea in the two games, cleared Crystal Palace, and only conceded 1 goal against Tottenham. In any case, he was better than Kepa.

切尔西的防守最大的问题是科帕。好消息是,新的爱德华·门迪(Edward Mendy)已从受伤中恢复过来,并有望在这场比赛中重返赛场。他在两场比赛中代表切尔西队出战,清除了水晶宫,并且在对阵热刺的比赛中只丢进1球。无论如何,他比Kepa好。

Of course, Chelsea’s defensive problem may not be the only problem with Kepa. After all, they conceded 3 goals against the two underdogs West Brom and Southampton, revealing that there are really big problems in the defense. The two defenders Zuma and Christensen both showed a lack of stability. Perhaps it would be better to replace Thiago Silva, an experienced veteran.




Sevilla's offensive power seems to have declined this season, but the defensive end has performed very well. In 4 La Liga games this season, only 3 goals have been lost. This may be due to the growth of the team’s young central defender Conde, and Xia Chuang’s ability to send away the weak and offensive Banega, bringing back a defensive midfielder. Rakitic is related.

塞维利亚的进攻能力似乎在本赛季有所下降,但防守端表现非常出色。本赛季在西甲4场比赛中,只有3个进球。这可能是由于球队年轻的中后卫孔德(Conde)的成长,以及夏闯(Xia Chuang)能够将弱小且进攻性的巴内加(Banega)送回防守中场的能力所致。 Rakitic是相关的。

However, in this game, Comte and left-back Escudero are absent due to injury, which will inevitably have a certain impact on the team's defense, facing Chelsea with good offensive ability, there are also certain concerns.


The team’s best scorer is Luke De Jong, who scored 2 goals in 4 La Liga games. The rest of Rakitic, Muriel, and Enesri only scored 1 goals. The team’s main striker Ocampos It hasn't been opened yet. Based on the decline in Sevilla's offense this season, it is expected that the game will be slightly more conservative.

球队最好yabo亚博网站首页的得分手是卢克·德·琼(Luke De Jong),他在4场西甲联赛中打进2球。 Rakitic,Muriel和Enesri的其余成员仅进1球。球队的主要前锋奥坎波斯(Ocampos)尚未打开。根据塞维利亚本赛季进攻的下降,预计比赛将更加保守。

It is expected that both sides will be more conservative in this game. Strong offense and weak defense against weak offense and strong defense may be a low-scoring game.


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