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La Liga is about to usher in the sixth round of the game. The Spaniard, who has been unbeaten for 5 rounds and has not lost a goal, will play against the Chargers Vallecano. In the last 12 games against the Lightning Corps, it has achieved 7 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. The 7-2 advantage clearly crushes the opponents. At the same time, it maintains the absolute advantage on the lineup, occupying the time, location, and harmony. There is not much suspense.

西甲即将迎来比赛的第六轮。西班牙人连续五轮保持不败,并且没有丢进一球,他将与巴里卡诺队对战。在与闪电军的最后12场比赛中,它取得了7胜3平2负的成绩。 7-2的优势显然压垮了对手。同时,它在阵容上保持绝对优势,占据时间,位置和和谐感。没有太多的悬念。


However, the Spaniard also faced many own problems in this campaign. First of all, the defense line was still insufficient. With two defenders supporting the field, Calero won the MVP award of the team in September, while Diego Lopez was nominated for La Liga 9 The monthly MVP candidate list is enough to prove that the team's best performance is 2 people, and it also reflects that the team has too much danger in the rear, and relying on 2 manpower to turn the tide and save the danger can not lose the ball.



On the offensive end, the Spaniard was actually not good. He stumbled all the way and scored only 7 goals in 5 rounds. The striker De Thomas was eager to leave the team for a time, and he ceased to be loyal until the transfer window was closed. De Thomas has scored 3 goals, while Chinese overseas player Wu Lei scored 1 goal and 1 assist, Embalba also scored 1 goal, the offensive end seems balanced but it is difficult to form a whole.

在进攻端,西班牙人实际上并不出色。他一路跌跌撞撞,在5个回合中只进7球。前锋德·托马斯(De Thomas)渴望离开球队一段时间,直到转会窗口关闭,他才不再忠诚。德·托马斯(De Thomas)进了3球,而中国海外球员吴磊(Wu Lei)进了1球和1助攻,恩巴(Embalbayabo亚博网站首页)也进了1球,进攻端似乎很均衡,但很难形成整体。


The situation where the offensive and defensive ends are more lonely fighting, this is the disadvantage that the Spaniards existed in La Liga, if it can be resolved as soon as possible, there will be no obstacles for the Spaniards to enter the League. What is worrying is that in this battle against the Lightning Corps, the Spaniard has to throw a disabled formation. Wu Lei was confirmed to have been injured before the game. There was no picture of Wu Lei in the pre-match training. The head coach confirmed that Wu Lei was injured. For several weeks, combined with the recent bad situation, Wu Lei will be removed for conservative reasons and let him take a truce to recover from his injuries.



​Wu Lei was absent, and the new nuclear Embalba, the team that had previously infected the new crown, announced the return. As a result, the Spaniard's striker had to be reorganized. In this campaign, Wu Lei’s two talented partners Melendo and Vargas led the starting 11 players. Both of them were Spanish players who trusted Wu Lei in the game, especially Barr Gas, it is a pity that Wu Lei's ability to seize opportunities is not as good as last season.



The striker, De Thomas, Vargas, and Embalba form a new trident. De Thomas is expected to usher in an explosion after a stable mentality. As a forward who can score more than 10 goals in a single season in La Liga, he has enough strength in the West. The second is killing the Quartet, and the 23-year-old Vargas is the green leaf of the striker. His dribbling and assists are extremely strong; Embalba has a tendency to become the core of offensive tactics this season, but his willingness to cooperate is also not strong.

前锋德·托马斯(De Thomas),瓦尔加斯(Vargas)和恩巴尔(Embalba)组成了新的三叉戟。在保持稳定的心态后,预计德托马斯将迎来爆炸。作为一名在西甲一个赛季就能打进10球以上的前锋,他在西部有足够的实力。第二个是杀死四方,而23岁的瓦尔加斯是前锋的绿叶。他的盘带和助攻非常有力。恩巴巴有成为本赛季进攻战术核心的趋势,但他的合作意愿也不强。


In the midfield, Melendo, Daddell, and David Lopez form three midfielders. The three have both offensive and defensive capabilities. At the age of 23, Melendo, who has played 100 games on behalf of Spain, scored 1 goal this season, while Daddell was mediocre , David Lopez is still the midfield barrier, the team's surprise when attacking. Melamed, who is on the bench, is also a supernova, and he will also play a role as a surprise soldier. Generally speaking, the Spaniard does not lack capable players on the offensive end, but lacks a good overall tactical system.

在中场,梅伦多,达德尔和大卫·洛佩兹组成了三个中场。三者兼具进攻和防御能力。 23岁的梅伦多(Melendo)代表西班牙打了100场比赛,本赛季打进1球,而达德尔(Daddell)表现平平,大卫·洛佩兹(David Lopez)仍然是中场障碍,这是球队进攻时的惊喜。替补席上的梅拉梅德(Melamed)也是超新星,他还将扮演突击士兵的角色。一般来说,西班牙人在进攻端并不缺少能干的球员,但缺乏良好的整体战术体系。


In the back line, Pedrosa, Cabrera, Calero, and Migron form four guards, goalkeeper Diego Lopez, this set of defensive lines is also outstanding, and it can be the only one in the West Division by individual defense. If the file can be squeezed into a powerful whole, it will become an absolute guarantee for the Spaniards to punch. I hope that the coach will be able to match a more integrated tactical system suitable for the Spaniard sooner than Cente Moreno.

在后排,佩德罗萨,卡布雷拉,卡莱罗和米格隆组成了四名后卫,守门员迭戈·洛佩兹,这套防守线也很出色,按个人防守,它可能是西区唯一的一支。如果将文件压缩成yabo亚博网站首页一个强大的整体,它将成为西班牙人打孔的绝对保证。我希望教练比森特·莫雷诺(Cente Moreno)更早地匹配适合西班牙人的更加综合的战术系统。

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